Women (Girls) in Tech!

MARSzoid Robotics is take concerted efforts to address the gender imbalance that exists in the tech secotr. We are trying to broadening the effort to provide opportunity to women and girls to get introduced to new cutting edge technologies using fun based learning. We have tech-focused early learning program within our STEM curriculum for ages 4 to 15.

It doesn’t happen overnight and we take effort to shape the kid with much progressive approach. Our team of staff are making conscious effort to giving eye-openers to women and girls by conducting several workshops on exposing benefits of STE(A)M education.

We are a niche cognitive enrichment academy preparing our next learners through exploratory and innovative STE(A)M education to meet the challenges, transform and thrive in the 21st century workforce. We offer various programs in helping to transform your kid(s) to explore exciting coding and robotics program!

GIRLS IN TECH (Women’s day):

We are offering Free Hour of Coding to celebrate Women’s day. During week of March 9th, we will be hosting this event at two locations- Erin Mills (March 11th) and Square One (March 13th).

Please register using the eventbrite link for the specified days:

March 9th – https://marszoid-women-in-tech-heartland.eventbrite.ca

March 11th – https://marszoid-women-in-tech-erin-mills.eventbrite.ca

March 13th – https://marszoid-women-in-tech-square-one.eventbrite.ca


We offer Regular Weekly classes at 3 Key Locations – Heartland, Erin Mills and Square One [https://marszoid.ca/locations/] on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday respectively. Please refer the attached brochure and link below for details.


Our curriculum is unique and developed by industry experts and practitioners to help advance your kids’ need to thrive in the continuously changing 21st century workforce (with Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning).


We are pleased to offer Coding and Robotics Camp during March break! (Mar 16th to 20th) The coolest camp in town. No sunscreen required in our Innovation lab. Sounds exciting! Please join us fun filled full-week program in which kids will be exposed to all the coolest robots and gadgets. To make it Amazing and exciting, we will be taking kids to Amazon Fulfillment Tour (Brampton) where they can experience the art of possibility with robots!


Students will acquire and practice the following skills throughout the spring camp: Fine Motor Skills, Cognitive Ability, Computational Thinking, Problem Solving, Logical Reasoning, Creativity, Innovative Learning, Coding, Robotics, Science Experiments, Simulation, Leadership Skills, Teamwork, Collaboration and Public Speaking!


We are excited to collaborate with your kids during Summer Camp and help them explore and innovate through our coding and robotics program. The most exciting camp in GTA! To make it Amazing and exciting, we will be taking kids to Amazon Fulfillment Tour (Brampton) where they can experience the art of possibility with robots!



After School Programs, Birthday Tech Parties, Workshops and much more!

Please visit us at https://marszoid.ca/programs/ to learn more about us and registering in our programs.



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