KIDS are
our passion


MARSzoid Robotics was created with a vision to prepare the next generation learners to thrive in the 21st century workforce. A team of engineers and IT post graduates found MARSzoid Robotics in 2020 at three locations in Mississauga, Canada. Founders of company felt the need for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics [STE(A)M] program when they were finding it difficult to enroll their own kids in robotics program which has tailored curriculum and alignment to specific individual needs.

We are proud of our exploratory and innovative ways of teaching STE(A)M education to our learners. Our well-thought through customized curriculum will help the learners to achieve the full potential by applying ‘focus on fun’ approach, directing to relevant & skills based, and hands-on experience learning from industry experts.

We are passionate in giving back to the community which is one of our core missions. We strongly believe that every child needs an opportunity to experience STE(A)M education irrespective of their background, social stature and affordability. To begin with, we created a platform for students in selected schools in Mississauga, Canada to experience our program. We are hoping to expand the school outreach to other major cities in near future.

MARSzoid Robotics team has invested heavily in curriculum development. We strongly believe that curriculum evolves on an ongoing basis to meet the changing demands of 21st century workforce. Our curriculum helps promote innovation, critical thinking, complex problem solving and helps them advance in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science domains.

Our educators and founders created the curriculum, methodology and an integrated process for gaining relevant real-world learning experiences at early ages. We help inspire learners to explore, innovate and transform in a collaborative environment to thrive in the continuously changing 21st century workforce.

MARSzoid Robotics team is keen to bring the real-world experience to our learners by taking them for industry tours and site visits. Our educators are supported by founders who can translate their industry experience (collectively spanning over 75 years) into real-world examples.

We inspire each child to compete in FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) LEGO League which is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students. We take pride in preparing and sponsoring qualified learners from day-one. We challenge them with complex projects to prepare them to compete at regional, national, and international levels.

We are hoping to create an impact in your kids future through our tested MARSzoid’s Journey!



  • Prepare the next generation learners through exploratory and innovative STE(A)M education to meet the challenges, transform and thrive in the 21st century workforce.
  • To be recognized globally for bringing innovative learning products in STEM education and strengthening through partnerships with schools and communities


  • To foster a society that inspire and engage learners through innovative STE(A)M environment to collaboratively train and be prepared to face the challenges in the transforming 21st century workforce.
  • To embrace strategic partnerships among schools, parents, industry, and community to promote advancement in research, industry and thought leadership in our learners.
  • Engaging Families & Communities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STE(A)M) Project-Based Learning


  • Create meaningful and deep learning experiences
  • Prepare Future Generations to Be Innovators
  • Inspire KIDS through STEM Learning & Teaching