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Coding and Engineering Robotics helps kids develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills irrespective of their age group. Students even start at the age of 5 for basic coding and Lego based motor skills. As the students advance from elementary school, middle and high school, they progressively develop their logical and computational thinking.

At MARSzoid Robotics, we strongly believe Coding and Engineering Robotics are not separate subjects, but it is an integrated process for gaining relevant real-world learning experiences. Coding is how we tell computers what to do. Students will be introduced to 3 types of coding – color-based (leveraging Ozobot), block-based (Dash & Dot, Scratch, Makecode using micro:bit etc.) and text-based (Python) coding. Robotics involves design, construction, operation, and use of robots. Robots are intended to do a job and operate on their own, while typically pure computer science involves an input of some kind and it does something in response to that input.

Yes, as noted above students would benefit by attending both the coding and robotics program.

Let us assume students are not exposed to any of the following – (a) Scratch/ micro:bit / Arduino (b) Python or (c) Virtual Robotics.
If that is the case, then we recommend student enrolls for Scratch programming coding session. The session runs for a few weeks before the students accomplish the “Explore” phase within Scratch. During each class/ day, the students learn the concepts of block-based coding. Post each class, we give them assignments to ensure they understand concepts taught and we work with the students closely to finish assignments (providing offline assistance if needed).
Post the student successfully completes Scratch, we advance him/ her to micro:bit which is a micro-controller that can be controlled using block based coding (Scratch and Microsoft Makecode) and so forth with rest of coding with respect to Arduino and Python as well.
We encourage parents to go through “MARSzoid’s Transformation journey” at the bottom of the homepage. This visualizes how students advance their skills in a more structured and phased manner. Visit us at https://marszoid.ca/

During each class/ day, the students learn the concepts of block-based coding. Post each class, we give them “assignments” to ensure they understand concepts taught and we work with the students closely to finish assignments (providing offline assistance if needed). Post completing one track (say for ex. Scratch), we also would encourage students to complete a “project” that covers all the concepts learnt and demo the project. This could be either individual or team-based projects (to encourage teamwork).

60 minutes / class.

We have more than 125 students for our Online classes and everyone loves our “fun based teaching” approach. Students are typically engaged throughout the class and also the “cool” assignments and projects keep them busy and motivated during these tough COVID-19 times.

We deliver content both via in-person and online class. For in-person, currently, we operate under a hub and spoke model at three (3) locations in Mississauga to serve various communities (based on the prospective students’ convenience). We are hoping to expand within GTA in near future.
We are delivering classes online and we will continue online classes even after lock-down to serve the students connecting from remote locations within Canada and internationally.

Basic computer skill is preferred. We have also guided students with no prior computer skills via zoom or Google Meet video conference meetings (screen sharing if needed to help navigate the students). A computer with Windows, Mac or Chrome OS with Chrome browser installed in it. High speed internet connection is recommended for better classroom experience.

We recommend students enroll for one full calendar year to benefit from the curriculum. However, we understand the student’s schedule change and they may need to take a break. In that case, the students can rejoin at a later point in time and they will be assessed to enroll them in the appropriate track.

Currently we have 3 classes (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for weekly batch and daily classes for daily batch. However, based on increased demand we are also considering Tuesdays and Thursdays for weekly batches. We recommend the students pick the schedule based on their availability. However, if the students miss out on a day for weekly class, we offer compensating classes (maximum one per month).

Less than 6 students per class to provide personalized learning experience. For experienced kids, breakout sessions may be provided.

Please register by clicking the below link. Yes, we do offer a free trial class. Please contact us at info@marszoid.ca for schedule.

Online Registration

We do not accept any form of payment over the phone. At this point of time, we accept payments via email for Interac Transfers in Canada and via Paypal Transfers in USA.

The full payment is due before the first day of class monthly. There is a 100% refund up to 7 days prior to the class. Partial refund of 50% will be provided 3 days in advance notice. No refund will be provided post the class commences. Students can pay monthly and can withdraw / cancel at any point of time.

Not required. We provide tools and techniques online for students to learn and experience. We also provide simulators so that students can experience and apply their learning when the lock-down is over, and they can get hands-on experience at our innovative labs. We suggest purchasing hardware at times if the simulator is not available during online programs.