Community giving back is deep in our DNA and vision at MARSzoid Robotics!

MARSzoid Robotics is very proud to support a variety of Community Outreach initiatives in the Communities we serve. We envision the students inspired and empowered by the possibilities of STEM. We believe in a society where all students, regardless of background, gender or socio-economic status are enriched in their STEM education. The young children of today will become societies vibrant workforce and leaders tomorrow; these younger generations will be empowered by their STEM knowledge. We strongly believe in connecting with our communities and in making a positive impact among the students!

MARSzoid’s Way is our community outreach program which is a unique giving back to the community initiative.

We host FREE hour-of-code at schools, libraries and community centers on a monthly basis across GTA. In addition, we offer FREE hour-of-code Online every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 – 2 pm EST.

Free Workshops

Over 34 Free Workshops and Events conducted so far (including Community centers, Libraries, Schools and Online

Community Giveback

Over 200 students (across the globe) supported as part of the Free Community Giving Back Program! 

Free Education

Over 120 families and communities were supported under “Technology For ALL” Free Education & Robot Loan Initiative!

Empowering students

Given the Digital era and increase in demand in the market for Python and related skills (refer below statistics), we strongly believe in empowering students at the earlier ages would make a BIG difference in them to succeed in the 21st century workforce.

Gartner research (job demand increase from 2015 to 2019):
  • Canada: Python – 155%; Data science – 78%; AI/ ML – 416%
  • US: Python – 254%; Data science – 97%; AI/ ML – 707%

Government recognized programs

Our Outreach program is recognized by the various government officials (Mississauga Mayor Crombie and the Consulate General of India office posted our link on their Facebook page). 

Our workshop in news website –

Support MARSzoid Robotics

We hope you all can join the noble cause of giving back to the community by supporting us!

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Please reach out to us at or +1 (647) 799-3858 for more details

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