MARSzoid Robotics Kids Code-A-Thon (Online Event)

Kids-Code-A-Thon Participants

GTA witnessed Community Giving Free Code-a-Thon hosted by MARSzoid Robotics on Jun 21st 2020!

MARSzoid Robotics (Canadian, Women and Minority owned & operated company) is a niche cognitive enrichment academy educating our next generation of students through exploratory and innovative STE(A)M programs to prepare them for challenges and to succeed in the 21st century workforce.

MARSzoid conducts a series of virtual code-a-thon for FREE & its part of the Community giving back program. On June 21st 2020, they welcomed summer in a great way by celebrating Father’s day at MARSzoid Robotics KIDS CODE-A-THON Event!

The mandate is to groom the best and brightest among students as future inventors and innovators in this FIRST ever ONLINE Code-a-thon targeted for middle and high school kids. This event enabled students to explore and understand key coding and robotics skills prior to putting them to use on real and hands-on projects.

More than 75 students across the globe (Canada, USA and India) participated within a week of posting an invitation. Over 50 students along with parents joined the final event which kick started with industry pep talk from internationally renowned teacher, scientist & innovator, Dr. Lucky Lakshmanan (Vice-Chairman & CEO, Process Research ORTECH) and Kader Sakkaria (VP, Digital, RPA & Artificial Intelligence, Realogy Holdings and Forbes Technology Council Member). Followed by demos from the selected projects surrounding father’s day theme which was a blessing and rewarding to experience for many dads and parents. It was absolutely mind boggling to watch the creativity and innovation in the projects presented. Our industry experts selected the best project in each age category and the most popular award to recognize people’s choice was selected by participants. The event concluded with e-certificate distribution for all the participants and money vouchers for winners. 

Please visit for Online Coding/Robotics Classes, Summer camp and FREE Artificial Intelligence Summer Boot-camp taught by MIT facilitator.