We are super excited to announce our
“Kids Code-A-Thon” Winners & Runners!

All the best to all of our coders & programmers!
Stay tuned for updates about our next code-a-thon and hack-a-thon.
By making Coding & Robotics a part of every student’s toolkit, we are enabling innovators across the globe - from students who are novice in technology to the coding experts — to reinvent how students look at Coding, Engineering, Robotics & STE(A)M in general.
The coolest online class in the country by far! No school bags, paper, pen required in our creative online class and lab.
The next generation of coding & robotics engineering is here and it's online!
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STEM Coding Robotics Online Classes

Online Technology for STEM Classes

Integrated powerful online technology to help students grow and succeed during these uncertain times! Continue learning at home and keep your children engaged and on-track. Book now.

From Our Community To Yours!

Take learning to NeXT level and Beyond the classroom and into the real world. Preparing our next generation learners for future success by connecting them to the world outside.

Why choose our online platform

Highly Personalized Learning – Our next generation courses allow learners to practice at their own pace. They first fill in gaps in their understanding and then accelerate their learning. Learn more.

Jobs of the future are STEM

STEM jobs doubled as a proportion of all jobs since industrial revolution; STEM occupations out-earn non-STEM occupations by 12-30% across all education levels. Check out https://twitter.com/MarszoidR

STEM Readiness

78% of high school graduates don't meet benchmark readiness for one or more college courses in math, science, reading, or English.

Computational Thinking

Promotes innovation, critical thinking and complex problem solving. It also helps advance students in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science domain.

Why STE(A)M is important? lego wedo robot created by kids during marszoid from STEM Coding Robotics classesin mississauga
Integrated Learning Process using lego ev3 at STEM class

Integrated Learning Process

STEM Coding Robotics itself is not a separate subject, but it is an integrated process for gaining relevant real-world learning experiences at early ages. Educators help inspire learners to explore, innovate and transform in a collaborative environment.

Tailored Curriculum for STEM Coding Robotics

Tailored curriculum was developed by industry leaders to meet individual learner's needs to thrive in the continuously changing 21st century workforce.


The methodology is based on an in-depth market analysis. Tutors are supported by founders who are able to translate their industry experience (collectively spanning over 75 years) into real-world examples. Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/marszoid

Instructors/guest speakers who are associated
with the following companies & universities

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Our Happy Parents!

Both my daughters have been attending classes organized by MARSzoid for a while now. First they started learning interacting with different BOTS. At the end of every class they used to come out so excited with the experience, always hoping/ requesting to continue the class a little longer. With the pandemic and ensuing restrictions on group gathering, MARSzoid stepped up to conduct Online classes every day. My younger one is learning Scratch and elder one is learning Python and I must say we are very impressed with the quality of lessons and the teaching, be it in terms of coverage of topics, method of teaching, attention to individual kids needs, the patience shown by the teacher dealing with different kids using a channel like Google classroom.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending MARSzoid to anyone who want their children to explore the world of coding and robotics.


Ashwin Kaklij

My 7 year old son had the pleasure of attending his friend’s MARSzoid themed birthday party at MARSzoid Robotics and he had loads of fun. He absolutely loved playing with those little Ozobots. He would purposely overlay marker colours on the sheet to try and confuse the bots but they behaved as expected. Ever since he got home he has been showing a lot of interest in automation, control, and programming with tools like Scratch on his laptop. We will definitely consider sending him to MARSzoid classes and will also have our next birthday party with robots. It would not only be educational, but lots of fun as opposed to the traditional indoor playground parties. On top of this, the MARSzoid team are great and a fun to hang out with. They surely do know what they are doing. I would highly recommended this institution to all my friends and family.

happy parent from STEM Coding Robotics class


My son has taken 3 classes so far and loves it ! Great atmosphere and friendly staff for
Kids; curriculum is crafted well ! Recommend to all my friends!
happy parent from STEM Coding Robotics class

Kumar Nagarajan